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Love Letters from Philippine History

You may say it's corny but love letters are still and always will be romantic. Without all the conveniences brought by today's technologies, relationships were kept alive by love letters. Wonder how our late heroes express their love through letters? Here are some of them!

Gregoria de Jesus’ Poem excerpt For Andres Bonifacio
Paalam sa iyo, masarap magmahal,
May-ari ng puso ko’t kabiyak na katawan;
Paalam na nga yaring pinalalayaw,
Paalam, giliw ko, sa iyo’y paalam.

Masayang sa iyo’y aking isasangla
Ang sulam pamahid sa mata ng luha,
Kung kapusin palad, buhay mawala,
Bangkay man ako, haharap sa iyong kusa.

Elpidio Quirino’s Love Letters to His Wife
October 20, 1924

My dearest Alicia,

Today is your birthday. I deeply regret that my duties here have prevented me from joining in the celebration of your coming of age and gaining your complete independence.

I expected to touch your fresh cheeks with my kisses, your last kisses as a minor.

Yes, Alicia, you are a woman now, respectable and respected. On this day, you begin a life that is broader and more sober than you have known, with a more complex and nurtured sense of responsibility.

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